What Applications Are Needed To Keep Your Family Organised?

House keeping is not an easy task to do. Arrangements, bill payments, medical expenses, appointments, meetings, house hold works and there are a lot of responsibility is there while house keeping. In the busy schedule, we often forgot the most important day or meeting or some other work. With this technological world, everything is becoming comfortable to do. There are some apps which help us in our day to day life. Lets here have a look at the best family app that helps us daily.



Cozi gives you a chance to keep everybody’s schedule in one place. Each member of a family is allocated a color, so it’s anything but difficult to see who’s occupied and who’s free initially. What’s more, you can make arrangements for anybody in your family and synchronize meetings with Outlook. There’s an exceptionally strong update framework, with the capacity to send content and email updates, and a week after week process. Notwithstanding calendaring, you can share shopping records and schedules with your family member.

About One

Instead of having a family calendar this app would help you to achieve what you thought. This app store medical data and your home stock, share pictures, notes and recordings and spare vital archives like receipts, school applications, and relative care sheets. What’s more, you can oversee everything with the AboutOne application on your iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows 8 gadget.

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Two Happy Homes

Managing life with kids is challenging. Two Happy Homes makes it somewhat easier to parenting the child. Parents can keep a joint timetable and contact list, can send private notes and share medical information, reports, and pictures. There’s even a place to track and pay costs on the web.


At the point when parents require the assistance of their grown-up youngsters, caretaking can turn into a family issue. CareZone helps facilitate the route with a free administration that gives relatives a chance to share a mind. The CareZone Senior application has a diary to record what’s happening, notes for everyday correspondence, a place to store imperative archives and a mutual schedule. Drug measurements, specialist’s visits, and medicines can be effortlessly followed. Furthermore, there’s one shared contact rundown and schedule. Even better, everything can be followed on your cell phone.