How Can I Deposit Money Into My Perfect Money Online Account

Perfect Money is a global online banking alternative that offers immediate access to funds held to your Perfect Money account. These accounts use the U.S. dollar, the Euro, and gold as their standard currencies, allowing account holders to reap the benefits of the money market while being able to complete transactions in more than one currency. Deposits can’t be made into an account as with banks that are physical, however Perfect Money attempts to make depositing funds as easy as possible.

As perfect money is a leading world wide financial service allowing users to have a secure money exchange through online. It is the instant payment method so you can do your shopping, pay bills at ease.

Bank And Wire Transfer

bank transfer to merchant

The Bank and Wire transfers in perfect money exchange is a standard method of depositing cash into a Perfect Money account. The transfers are made to your Perfect Money account number and are processed by bank or wire transfer agents in the same way that they would process a transfer into a standard bank account. Processing times may change depending upon the wire, or bank transfer agent used, however, deposits are credited to your Perfect Money accounts upon receipt.

E – Currency Deposits

Perfect Money accepts deposits from some e-currency providers, allowing you to deposit money into your perfectmoney e-voucher account in the e-currency of your choice. E-currency deposits can be reached on a one-time basis, or you can make a scheduled deposit automatically from your e – currency account.

Electronic Payment System

Payments from an electronic payment system are also available as an alternative option for depositing money into a perfect money account. The only account in which amount is credited automatically as soon as Perfect Money receives them is Pe-cunix. As soon as deposits are made in your account, you would receive money immediately.

Exchange Money Partners

Exchange Perfect Money can be made through exchange partners to process payments for you and deposit the funds into your Perfect Money account. This lets you make deposits without the use of wire transfers or an e-currency account. Exchange partners charge a little convenience fee for their services. But money deposits are processed as soon as they are received from the exchange partner. Perfect Money maintains a list of authorized exchange partners to ensure that account holders don’t lose money to unauthorized exchange agents.


Perfect Money


Perfect Money E-vouchers allow you or anyone to make deposits to your Perfect Money account. The e-voucher is created within the “Deposit” or “Perfect Money” sections of your Perfect Money account and can be transmitted on the internet or by text messages to initiate the transactions.  By entering an e-voucher account number and its activation code, the amount of the voucher will be automatically gets deposited into your personal account.

Perfect Money Transfer

Perfect money transfers from another perfect money account is an alternative for depositing money into your account. Other Perfect Money account holders can start the transfer process, or you can send a request regarding a transfer through Perfect Money system to begin the transaction. Transfers Within the Perfect Money system are processed instantly upon authorization of the account holder who is funding the transfer.